Taking on a Summer Foodie Trend: Pops on Pops

If you’re on IG, you’ve definitely seen popsicles on your feed this summer…and we can see why. Easy to make and certainly easy to enjoy, pops are a perfect summertime treat. We joined in on the fun and tested out this trend for all of you to enjoy. Check out our five awesome – and healthful! – recipes that are proven to cool you down and impress your friends.

Step 1: Brunch Pops

Creamy Avo + Maple Water Pops

Research has shown that eating healthy fats earlier in the day helps give you plenty of energy to get through your day and can even lessen those 4pm all-I-want-is-sugar cravings. These avo pops are satisfying and full of hydrating maple water, not to mention a little zest making them irresistible on a hot day

Maple Water Blueberry Vanilla Pops

Blueberries = a standout brunch fruit, and here’s why. They’re full of Vitamin A and C, both which are necessary for healthy collagen and skin. Plus, they’re top of the line for antioxidant amount, supporting your body’s immune system all day long!

Step 2: Recovery Pops

Watermelon Water & Strawberry Pops

Are recovery popsicles a thing? They sure are. These pops are as refreshing as they are good for the bod, especially after a workout. The citrulline found in watermelon water has shown to help with muscle recovery, while potassium from watermelon and strawberries aid in bodily functions and tissue repair, so try these out after your next gym sesh or outdoor workout!

Step 3: “Amuse-Bouche” Pops       

Watermelon, Cherry & Basil Pops

Thought watermelon couldn’t get any better? Think again! Melon gets enhanced by the added tartness of cherry and savory basil. Try these out at your next dinner party to chill out the crowd in a sophisticated way.

Step 4: Tipsy-Time Pops

Maple Water “Old Fashioned” Pops

Yep, we even have pops for happy hour or a nightcap! These pops are no joke. Skip the bourbon to make them kid-friendly but just as delicious. Recipe created by the mastermind behind Bread + Burrow.

What’s the consensus about this trendy treat? Definitely DRINKmaple approved.

Have you tried pops yet this summer? Have any others you’d like to see us try out? Send us all your ideas or recipe reviews at info@drinkmaple.com or hit us up in the DM’s.