Spotlight On: Citrulline

This nutrition superstar is hidden in the rind.

At DRINKmaple, we believe in being fueled by nature. The natural health properties of plants – whether it’s maple trees, watermelons, or other fruits or veggies – have been shown to properly hydrate, fuel and recharge the body in place of all the chemicals and artificial junk found in the other sports drinks out there. And we stand by that.

When we created our DRINKmelon Watermelon Water, our intent was to expand into another crop beyond maple trees that also was native to North America and could be made into a functional hydration drink. You have likely heard that the fruit is filled with potassium, vitamin C and electrolytes. The lesser known but oh-so powerful component we’d like to talk about is citrulline: a sports nutrition superhero.

What is citrulline?

  • Watermelon water contains vitamins, minerals, and amino acids – three vital elements of all the foods we eat. Citrulline is an amino acid that is an important component of an active lifestyle.

How does citrulline benefit me?

  • It has been shown to help maintain vascular health, meaning increased blood flow where your body needs it.
  • It has been shown to play a positive role in immune function.
  • According to studies, citrulline has been shown to enhance sport performance by stimulating muscle protein synthesis. That means muscle-building and repair post-workout.
  • It has been shown to decrease muscle soreness. Watermelon water has been shown to reduce muscle soreness and recovery heart rate in athletes after athletic performance.

Where can I get it?

  • 60% of the citrulline in a watermelon is found in the rind, which is why we juice the whole melon. There is 680mg of citrulline in one bottle of DRINKmelon.

Where can I learn more?

Check out these studies:

White Paper: L Citrulline Study

BioMed Central Study